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Kaeso Facials


The class leading Kaeso's products are our expert choice for our customers.  They offer a unique combination of natural formulas using pure and natural ingredients that ensure skin care of the highest quality.  Their stand out natural ingredients are just one important reason we use them and our customers are delighted with the outcome they produce. ers. 


To meet our strict quality criteria, the Kaeso's products we use are free of sulphates, parabens, propylene, glycol and have minimal oil content.  They are all certified and stamped with the Kaeso seal of approval.


Kaeso products are sourced to contain effective botanical extracts that are renowned for their wonderful benefits to skin care, and offer an array of specialised products to address any individuals skin requirements. 

Kaeso Express Facial

30 minute treatment £25

Firstly your skin is expertly analysed to determine skin type and current condition. This treatment then includes removal of make-up and followed by applying a deep cleanse and a gentle exfoliation and mask.  The final stage will be a refreshing toner and a moisturiser to finish the treatment.

Kaeso Luxury Facial

1 hour treatment £32

Everything in the Express Facial package plus a comforting hot towel to warm and soften the skin, ready for a relaxing 20 minute face and chest massage.  You'll see 'and' feel the difference!

Keaso Deep Cleansing Facial

45 minute treatment £25

This is ideal for teenage or oily skin as it's specifically formulated to remove impurities and reduce excess oil.  Firstly your skin will be analysed to determine skin type and condition.  Next is the removal of make-up which is followed by a superficial cleanse.  A deep cleanse will then be applied followed by a gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing mud mask which detoxifies clogged pores, to reveal a smooth clear complexion.

Kaeso Firming Facial

1 hour treatment £38

This special facial helps to firm and tone reducing fine lines. To increase hydration and muscle tone, the use of mulberry and collagen improves skin tone and enhances elasticity leaving a more youthful appearance. This treatment includes removal of make-up followed by a superficial cleanse. After this skin is analysed to determine skin type and condition, a deep cleanse will then be applied followed by a gentle exfoliation. A warm towel is then placed on the skin, ready for an uplifting massage and a luxurious firming face mask with the added benefits of pomegranate and white nettle. Collagen eye patches are then used to reduce fine lines around the eyes. To finish, a rich nourishing face moisturiser will be applied. it's how we make you feel ... and look!

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