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Eyes & Eyebrows

Lash extensions last approximately 6 to 8 weeks using correct aftercare procedures (please ask for more information on this).  If you would like to maintain your eyelash extensions for as long as possible, please arrange an ‘infill’ appointment every 2 to 3 weeks to ensure you always look your best! 

PLEASE NOTE Patch testing applies to all lash and brow treatments at least 24 hours prior to appointment

Classic Lashes

From £45

Eyes and Brows

Beautiful eyelash extensions are applied individually to each of your natural lashes. This look is perfect for those of you who want to subtle add beauty, length and curl and of course, make you look your best!

Russian Volume Lashes

From £65

Brown Eyes

For those who love a little bit more…

By using super fine lashes, a fan is made with 3-5D lashes and applied to your natural lash. They can be customised to your chosen length. You choose whether you want natural or opt for full glam!

Hybrid Lashes

From £55

Long Lashes

Hybrid lashes add class and a certain panache and elegance to your overall look and natural facial beauty.  They are a mixture of classic and Russian volume lashes ... the best of both worlds. This effect delivers an exceptional textured look by mixing both types of lashes so you can look your best.

Lash Lift

From £30


If you want curly, longer looking lashes but love your natural ones, then Lash Lift is perfect for you!  This is a special professional technique that lifts your natural eyelashes, making them look longer and fuller. On the plus side, there is virtually no aftercare so you can wake up each morning with your beautiful lashes.  

Lash Tint 

From £12

Lash & Brow Tint 

From £16

 Why not 'tint' your eyelashes for that super subtle natural look.  They enhance and darken your natural lashes to look like you are wearing mascara.  Great for holidays and those extra special occasions.  

 Treat yourself to a Lash and Brow tint for that natural enhanced look great for holidays and those extra special occasions.  

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